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Parent Teacher Coferences

This Wednesday and Thursday are Parent Teacher Conferences for Lake County Schools. Please stop by to see how your student is doing!


Future in small tablets?!

Apple may not like the implications for its margins, but smaller, cheaper tablets are on the rise. Stephen Baker of the NPD Group writes that his company’s research has found that sales of tablets that measure in at under 9 inches have Continue reading

Mortal Instruments Sequal to Continue Production

Last month, Constantin Film delayed production indefinitely on its sequel to The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones after the first film performed so poorly at the box office. However, the company is now reportedly moving ahead with the project, and plans to resume principal photagraphy next year. Continue reading

Hoop Forest

Welcome to the mystical Hoop Forest in Leadville, Colorado. Located just outside the city limits, in Lake County, this portion of the woods, where barrel rings seem to perform a high trapeze act in the lodgepole pine branches, has fondly been re-named “The Hoop Forest” by locals. Continue reading

Recycling efforts starting at schools

The Lake County School District is supporting recycling in every school this fall.

For the first time, schools have an organized pick-up schedule and the recycling infrastructure, staff and student support to accomplish recycling goals.