Hoop Forest

Welcome to the mystical Hoop Forest in Leadville, Colorado. Located just outside the city limits, in Lake County, this portion of the woods, where barrel rings seem to perform a high trapeze act in the lodgepole pine branches, has fondly been re-named “The Hoop Forest” by locals.A lodgepole pine's top branches play host to old barrel hoops.

And while it may not be a tourist attraction many residents would share with a visiting hiker, Leadville Today went out on Missignment to investigate this unique, little-known place in the forest.

But first, a brief explanation: a Missignment is the combination of a mission and an assignment, often prompted by some interesting or wacky news lead. Leadville Today celebrates these unique features, stories and events as part of the Leadville community which is most beloved by its residents: we’re different! Some Missignments are legends, others are legendary. It’s up to you to decide!


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